About HCU

Health Chain Us manages personal medical data like a real estate register copy and makes profits through various types of transactions. It’s a blockchain-based medical data platform.  Medical data producers and owners are required to secure and exercise their rights in accordance with existing illegal and expedient ways. We can stop the deal, get the right price,

and the data consumer can rest assured that high quality data is at a reasonable price.  Health Chain Us is responsible for providing the platform for utilization.


why? HCU

How does HealthChainUs work?

The process begins with a patient who is a data producer, storing his or her medical records in the patient’s personal repository provided by the health care provider, and storing them on his own. The patient then goes through a simple procedure of consent for the third party to use his or her data.

Alternatively, the data consumer may request direct use by a member of the Health Organization (patient) and receive acceptance to utilize the patient’s data. Data consumers can use a variety of services (statistics, surveys, advertising, etc.) within the health care system without having to download data and deliver results.And the data that is licensed to be utilized can be accessed and utilized again within the authorized time frame at any time.

As such, the proceeds from data consumption are fairly distributed to the data production, delivery, retention, and administrator, enabling data sovereignty to be realized in real life.

HCU Structure

Store and manage medical data such as hospital care data, pharmacy prescriptions, etc.

Encrypts and unidentifies your medical data and shares it to the health care network.

Data consumers buy data shared on health-care networks using HCUT and compensate data providers

HCU Architecture

User Application

A variety of apps that connect you to a fitness network. Users use this interface to access a wide range of features offered by the Health Organization.


Middleware provides user authentication and secondary security checks for all communication in user applications. If there is no problem, call the smart contact to execute the transaction.

Auth Service

All users entering the HealthChainUs network will be authenticated through middleware. You will also go through the authentication process for each transaction.

HCU-P System

It’s a return system that’s at the heart of HealthChainUs. A range of product purchases and affiliate services are available using the points earned, and the point system will also go through the certification process.


This is the core layer of the HealthChainUs network. Different groups participating in the network define different chain codes to provide optimal service. Configure channels for each pre-agreed, validated organization and store transactions in the distributed ledger for each agency.

HealthChainUs will be configured as a pre-agreed private network and will be subject to a predetermined authorization, which means there is very little or no chance of a deliberate attack. This has resulted in a relatively faster and simpler context than the complex Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) method, which takes into account functional problems in system components and even malicious attacks, to improve network performance.

Peers who are participants in the HealthChainUs network check that the generated blocks are satisfied with the warranty policy and that the health of the books have not changed abnormally. Blocks that have passed through the final security phase will be added to the channel’s chain to maintain the latest inventory.

Problems and Solutions in the Healthcare Data Market

Medical data contains various sensitive information based on the patient’s medical records, and this data can be traced back to medical research.  It’s used in a variety of industries, so many problems are complicated.


Centralize Network
  • Disclosure of sensitive information, infringement of data ownership
  • poor data management, increased costs of storage
  • illegal/phratic data consumption, liability for legal issues after data consumption
  • No use of high-quality data, no communication with data provider


Decentralize Network
  • Set data rights based on blockchain
  • distribute data management obligations, shift from simple storage to utilization income
  • Buy high-quality data through legitimate channels
  • A data trading platform that can communicate with a data provider

ICO Tokens Details

Token name


Token Price

1 HCUT = 0.0042$

Total tokens

10,000,000,000 HCUT

Total tokens for sale

2,000,000,000 HCUT
First Private Sale Feb - March
Second Private Sale April - May
Pre Sale June
Exchange listing July - August

Token Allocation Forecast

  • 20%Token Sales
  • 20%Platform Ecosystem
  • 6%Team
  • 30%Advisor & Partner
  • 9%Business Development
  • 5%Markerting
  • 10%Reserve
  • 30%Development of Decentralization Platform
  • 20%Development of Ecosystems and Development of the Second Project
  • 20%Network operation and maintenance
  • 10%platform marketing
  • 10%Exchange listing
  • 5%Medical and Blockchain Industry Legal Issues
  • 5%emergency funding

MT ChainUs

It is a blockchain-based foreign patient care solution and is the first MVP of the HealthChainUs project.

Easy Summary

  • Check patient status as statistics on the dashboard.
  • Manage patient schedules by day/month.
  • Searches and downloads through MT-ChainUs.


  • Sharing and mailing patient data.
  • Monitoring and outcome management of functional patients

Automatic Forms

  • Formatting patient data into a defined format.
  • Multiple file formats can be converted (pdf, doc..).
  • Easy file upload.


You can book and manage everything you need for medical tourism (hotels, taxis, travel packages, restaurants, shopping, etc.).



2018 Q2
  • the establishment of a medical big data analytics corporation
  • Angels Investment
2018 Q3
  • Integrated Research Platform MyResearchNote
  • Kim'sOnline.ltd Public Data and Big Data-Based Open Consulting Platform
  • Korea University Medical Center Develops a Platform for Rare Diseases
  • Patient-Map is a solution that combines hospital data with heartland data
2018 Q4
  • Launch Blockchain-based New Project 'HealthChainUs' Project
2019 Q1
  • Start to develop MT-ChainUs
  • First Private Sale
2019 Q2
  • Second Private Sale
  • Development of a Machine Learning Analysis Solution for Yonsei Medical Center
  • Publish White Paper and Set Up a Hong Kong Company
  • Develops the risk notification map for metabolic syndrome at the Yonsei University Medical Center.
  • 5 Hospital Business Contracts
  • Yonsei Medical Center Joint R&D Contract
  • Pre Sale
  • Total Solution for Overseas Patient Management MT-ChainUs Formula Launch
  • Securing 4,000 MT-ChainUs users.
2019 Q3
  • Hospital fitness platform extension
  • Starting the business of health-grade development and insurance product development, the GrandHealthChain's contract
  • MT-ChainUs Overseas
  • Total economic ecosystem expansion (hotels, transportation)
  • Beta-test of medical records personal storage and management solutions.
2019 Q4
  • Hospital Field Data Analysis and Utilization Platform Beta Test
2020 Q1
  • Expanded to 50 hospitals and expanded to 10 hospitals abroad.
  • Running a domestic patient solution
2020 Q2
  • Expand 70 hospitals and 50 hospitals abroad.
  • Expanded domestic patient data collection solution(70,000 User)

Key Partner : BBKO

BBKO Key Partner

BBKO is a key partner in HealthChainUs
BBKO is a medical big data analysis and blockchain expert.
We have worked with many medical companies
and we are working together to establish an ecosystem of HealthChainUs.

Partner BBKO


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